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Cold Cereal
By Jeffrey A. Moses

BATTLE CREEK MI. - Former television star Tony the Tiger was found dead yesterday in his Battle Creek MI.
Apartment, apparently strangled to death with his own tail. This comes just 9 days after the body of
Cap’n Crunch was also found strangled to death in his Beverly Hills Ca. home. Police sources say they are
hopeful of catching the perpetrator(s), as both crime scenes are yielding valuable evidence.

Battle Creek Police Chief Jerry Kellogg says, “Even though these murders are separated by
almost two thousand miles, we believe they are related”.

Beverly Hills Detective David Post revealed that a clue found at the home of Cap’n Crunch,
who was best known for hocking dangerously jagged, barrel shaped cereal to millions of children,
could only be described as a “Green Clover”.

Battle Creek detectives have also revealed a clue found at the Tiger crime scene.
They are describing it as simply an “Orange Star”.

FBI profilers have been asked to get involved and a preliminary profile has determined that police are
looking for a smaller than average man, probably Irish, and probably paranoid.

Tony the Tiger, best known for his catch phrase, “They’re Gr-r-reat!” was a staple on
American television for over 30 years.
After a well publicized stint in the General Mills clinic for addiction to the designer drugs
Special K and Cheerios, Tony the Tiger was on the road to recovery.

Best friend Sonny Bird, best known for being “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” and a recovering addict himself says,
“When Tony hit rock bottom his brain was like Oatmeal,
he was forced to turn Trix just to support his addictions”.

Police sources say they have questioned notorious pimp Sugar Pops extensively and have
cleared him as a suspect in the murders.
Sources also say they are uncovering a Honey Comb of twist and turns in the life of one of
America’s most loved icons.

Tony was arrested in 1997 for attempted robbery and passing bad Chex.
He was subsequently acquitted in 1999 after his high-powered legal dream team of Snap, Crackle and Pop
convinced a jury that it was a case of mistaken identity.

Friend and former lover Honey Bee said, “Tony was trying to revive his once thriving career”.
He had a role in Gansta rapper 2Can Sam’s latest video for his hit song“Froot Loops”,
and Tony had just auditioned for a role in the new Woody Allen movie “Grape Nuts”.

Funeral Services are scheduled for next Monday at the Cinnamon Life Center,
with burial to be at the Quaker Memorial Cemetery.
In lieu of flowers, the family request a donation be made to the
Geriatric Organization for The Manipulation of Idiotic Little Kids,
better known as GOT MILK.

Police and FBI officials fear they are looking for a cereal killer.
The Duel

This is a story, ‘bout two old friends,
Who had a falling out.
Of course, it was over a lady,
Was there ever any doubt?

See one of them was dating her,
Till the other one moved in.
But the lady didn’t really like the one,
She really liked the friend.

One looked at the other and said,
“Meet me at high noon,
I’m gonna shoot you dead my friend,
At the Crazy Horse saloon”.

The other looked right back and said,
“If you’re looking for a fight,
Meet me there, at that old barn
At eleven o’clock tonight”.

One looked right back, at his old friend,
And said “eleven o’clock it is”.
He thought “I’ll shoot him dead right
Then the lady would be his.

But the lady had another man,
The two friends weren’t aware of,
She thought, “If they kill each other,
I’ll still have the sheriff”.

The two friends met, in that old barn,
At eleven on the dot.
One looked at the other and smiled,
And the other fired a shot.

It missed the one, who ducked away,
Just as she walked in.
The bullet hit her, between the eyes,
And the one lost her again.

As she lay dead in that old barn,
The other quickly ran.
The one moved closer,
And looked up her dress.
“My god, this girl’s a man”.

The two friends were arrested,
And swiftly thrown in jail.
Neither one of them had money,
So they couldn't post the bail.

They were both, tried and convicted,
Of the killing of the man;
That they thought was a lady,
But was just a guy named Stan.

See, the moral of this story,
Is as simple as can be.
Don’t let a lady, ruin your friendship,
Especially, if you don’t know she’s a he.

Jeffrey Allen Moses, 2000

What if dreams were reality,
And reality dreams.

And silence not silence,
But actually screams.

What if going to sleep,
Really made you awake.

And what you thought real,
Was actually fake.

Things you thought wrong,
Were actually right.

And closing your eyes,
Was actually sight.

And all that you learned,
You already knew.

And the millions you had,
Were only a few.

What if reading these words,
Could open your mind.

And this was reality,
Because you were blind.

Jeffrey A. Moses 2003
Rhyme Time

As infant’s they inject us
with vaccines that should protect us
from diseases that infect us
and may decrease our time

there are those that will neglect us
and a few that will reject us
some just may respect us
life’s not always sublime

alarms just might detect us
policemen can suspect us
and then try to inspect us
if we commit a crime

computers can connect us
mirrors can reflect us
instructions can direct us
and words can sometimes rhyme

medicine can correct us
Viagra might erect us
autopsies will dissect us
if we die in our prime.

Jeffrey A. Moses, 2001
Live Each Day

Live each day, as if it were the last.
Forget the future; forget the past.
Do not live your life filled with
anger and hate.
Soon you might be at the pearly gate.

You may go to sleep, and never awake.
You may go fishing, and drown
in the lake.
The ways you may go are too long
to list.
When you are gone are you sure you'll
be missed?

Live each day, as if it were the last.
There is no future; there is no past.
Treat your family and friends, even
strangers too.
With the love and respect,
every person is due.

The futures uncertain,
and may not be at all,
So pick up the phone,
and just make the call.
Don't put it off, or you may be too late,
The one you should call
may be at the gate.

Live each day, as if it were the last.
Let go of the anger and
aspersions you cast.
There is only today, right now,
no tomorrow.
Will the people you know, feel elation
or sorrow?
When they hear you are gone, will they
grieve or not care?
Did you touch someone's life, with joy
or despair?

When you lay your head down, on your
pillow tonight,
Just pray there is still time, to make the
wrongs, right.

Jeffrey Allen Moses, 2000
That Old Cliché…

His glass house is now shattered,
from the stones that he has thrown.
His true colors are now revealed,
his secret life is blown.

He cut off his nose to spite his face,
yet, he committed no crimes.
The pot has called the kettle black,
one to many times.

He tried crossing the bridge
when he came to it,
but it’s one he had burned down.
He had all his eggs in one basket,
they are now scrambled on the ground.

He was up the creek without a paddle,
yet he still had a boat.
Between a rock and a hard place,
is where he left this note.

“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,
you may not like the view.”
“Do unto others”, the note went on,
“as you would have done to you."

Jeffrey Allen Moses, 2001
A Poem for America

    911 is meant for emergencies,        
it is now a date in history.
The haters of America,
rained terror down on thee.

They attacked us on our soil,
in New York and in D.C.
The haters of America,
tried to bring us to our knees.

So many innocents lost,
on the ground, and in the sky.
The haters of America,
they have made a nation cry.

In this, the land of the free,
and the home of the brave.
The haters of America,
sent thousands to their graves.

The nameless, faceless cowards,
attacked us with our own.
The haters of America,
will soon have to atone.

They thought they could destroy us,
And divide us with their hate.
The haters of America,
do not know the UNITED States.

To all of those who suffered
My prayers go out to you.
To the haters of America,
now you shall suffer too.

Jeffrey Allen Moses, 2001
Eagle’s Eye

Imagine what I see,
As I soar across the sky.
My majestic wings unfurled,
Allowing me to fly.

The wind beneath my wings,
The ground is rushing by.
The damage man has done,
Can be seen from way up high.

The forests are almost gone,
The creatures left to die.
The rivers once so full of bounty,
Now have all run dry.

I would shed a tear,
Were I capable to cry.

This is how the world might look,
Through an eagle’s eye.

Jeffrey Allen Moses, 2001
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The child seat was mommy's lap
Laid on my stomach to take a nap
No such thing as a child proof cap
Yet I survived.

The bed of the truck was
where we'd ride
Soap in my mouth, when I lied
The littering ad where the Indian cried
Yet I survived.

The only video game was pong,
Your foot is where you wore a Thong
I got the belt when I did wrong
Yet I survived.

Now I tell my two young sons
Not to do the things I've done
Even though I had some fun
Yet I survived.

There came a time I had to quit
Doing all the stupid shit
I became a parental Hypocrite
So they'll survive.

Jeffrey Allen Moses, 2007
The Final Lap

On Sunday, February 18th
The year, Two Thousand One.
The racing world lost a hero
and seven time Champion.

It was turn 4, on the Final Lap,
Of the "Great American Race".
Where we lost the man,
that had more wins,
Than anyone at this place.

Daytona International Speedway,
The site of his greatest win.
Ironically enough though,
The place where his life would end.

He was called "The Intimidator",
or "The Man in Black".
He struck fear in the competition,
When he pulled onto the track.

You either cheered him,
or you booed him.
It just the way it is.
It was never anything personal,
just the nature of the biz.

But you always had to respect,
the impact that he had.
As a Winston Cup Champion,
or Dale Jr's dad.

You leave us now Dale Earnhardt,
With all the sorrow we feel,
to go race up in heaven,
With your Dad and best friend Neil.
Champion Alan Kulwicki,
and Davey Allison too,
and the countless other drivers,
who have finished before you.

The dangers were known,
Every time you strapped in.
But nothing could tame,
your desire to win.

In Memory of Dale Earnhardt

Jeffrey Allen Moses, 2001